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Jim Savoldi is the founder and CEO of Anemoi Partners LLC, Anemoi Predictive Technology LLC, Anemoi Global Partners LLC and Anemoi Asset Management LP.

After studying and using Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, and Elliott Wave Theory, Savoldi originated a third pillar of market analysis, now known as “Behavioral Analysis” of Markets.

Built on the study of raw human emotion, Savoldi’s Behavioral Analysis Model was able to identify a common topping and bottoming count at each fractal price level.

Shortly after making his discovery, Savoldi was hired by a multi-billion dollar hedge fund in San Francisco California where he was able to use the model to predict the top of the housing bubble in 2005 as well as the subsequent collateral damage that followed in financial markets and economies around the globe.

Mr. Savoldi’s system not only predicted the collapse in the US real estate market, it also predicted the collapse in the mortgage brokers, securities brokers, banks, and retailers. Adding to his record of forecasting excellence during the period of the financial crisis, Mr. Savoldi used his Behavioral Analysis theory to predict an unlikely “melt-up in the Japanese Yen” as well as the speculative top in crude oil—predicting “an immediate collapse to the 36 dollar level”—at a time when crude oil was trading at 147 dollars per barrel.

The Behavioral Analysis of Markets Model has been in development since 1989 and is fast becoming a worldwide leader in forecasting excellence.

Savoldi currently lives in San Francisco California with his wife.

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