Jan 24, 2020

Sr. Software Developer

Anemoi Partners LLC has built a secure membership platform that incorporates proprietary price velocity components of the Behavioral Analysis of Markets Model.

These components are hosted on a world-class infrastructure running best-of-breed AWS technologies.In addition to real-time buy/sell triggers, we’re applying database scanner technologies delivered directly to subscribers through our custom-built API’s in order to provide individual traders and investors with the tools required to compete in today’s HFT algo-driven execution environments. We will be making ongoing improvements and additions to our subscription service tools as well as launching a hedge fund running python algorithms hosted on our AWS backend.

We seek a talented software developer to assist with architecting and maintaining our proprietary algorithms. The responsibilities include… A critical aspect of the work will involve working directly with our founder to code rules-based strategies… In this role, you will also collaborate with our lead engineer to deploy state of the art hardware and software solutions to address company-wide scaling and subscriber growth.


1. Experience with Python, NumPy, Anaconda, Apache Arrow, Apache Parquet,

Nice to Have:

1. Programming experience with AWS Lambda, Java, React, Highstock/highchart as well as programming language such as C.